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I’m a huge dog lover and I also love to bake, so after doing a little research I decided to start making homemade dog treats and selling them for a profit.

What’s great about making and selling homemade dog treats is the overhead is extremely low. You really won’t have to spend very much money to get started with this type of pet business. What I will tell you is that it is rather time consuming. So, for me, being home was a good thing because I had time on my side. If you are currently working a full time job, then this type of pet business might not be right for you.

If you have made the decision that making and selling homemade dog treats is right for you, then follow these four simple steps and you should be on your way to owning a successful dog treat business.

Step One: Come up with a name for your pet business.
The Name of my business is The Beggin’ Beagle Bakery. Named after our family pet, this is a catchy and cute name for a pet business. A catchy name is key, so give this some thought before you decide on a name for your business.

Step Two: Compile at least ten recipes for treats.
You really don’t want to have too many dog treats to offer. This can be overwhelming to customers. Stick to the basic flavors that most dogs will like. Some of the most popular treats come in the following flavors: peanut butter, cheese, and bacon. Try to have a least one or two healthy dog treats as well. Something made with vegetables is usually a good idea too.

Step Three: Decide on Packaging.
Packaging is big deal. You’ll want your packaging to stand out from your competition so you’ll also want to give this some thought. Some treats must be kept in airtight containers, so keep that in mind when choosing your recipes and packaging materials.

Step Four: Decide where you will sell your dog snacks.
Setting up a website is a good idea. You’ll want to try and get noticed locally first though. Websites aren’t found overnight, this is a process that usually takes time. Signing up for local craft fairs and street fairs is a great place to start. Trust me, you’ll be a hit at these types of events!

Step Five:Purchase Bake A Dog A Bone, the best guide on getting your dog treat based business off the ground!