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Tonsils stones are quite annoying and uncomfortable. The little ones can and do often dislodge themselves, coughing or when eating, but the larger they grow, the more they stretch out those pits and folds, causing annoying pain and distress. They also begin to smell quite sulfurous, giving you the worst bad breath conceivable.

How could you handle tonsil stones? Some Doctors do not even understand what they will consider you have some sort of disease, and are. Of course these will not work, although they’re going to prescribe antibiotics. Having your tonsils removed as a kid is not overly big of a deal. Your throat hurts, but you get to eat lots of ice cream and jello! For an adult, though, it is a lot more of an ordeal. The healing time is up to 3 weeks! Who has that much time to take off of life simply to keep from being annoyed?

You are able to remove the ones that are larger yourself. Lots of people attempt to try to do this by picking, and squeezing their tonsils with their fingernails. You could easily give yourself a disease that would make you feel even worse, although this does work, but it is not very sanitary. You could end up getting sore and bleeding tonsils. There are other, more tender and even more sanitary manners. Attempt using a Q-Tip to ease the rocks out. But start at an extremely low pressure, until it does the job and increase it. If the water pressure is not too low, it can damage the tonsil tissue, so be mindful.

Since prevention is a far easier road to travel then constantly hurting and being ill, finding out what you can do to head off these tonsil stones is time well spent.

You should learn a system that will keep the food particles from making their way into folds and the pits . It’s not hard, just new to you. Once you learn how to proceed, it all will be a matter of routine, and you will not have to be concerned about dislodging those annoying tonsil rocks any more.