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“My first response after using the remedy was that it did not work.

I was mistaken.

The pain I’ve been experiencing this time didn’t seem like a kidney stone. However, in the course of ruling out a stone I was told that there were two tiny stones in my left kidney. Pain just waiting to happen. They were noted on a CT.

I used the remedy and the following week I had an IVP which not only ruled out a moving stone, it also showed that those little buggers were gone!

I am a believer now! I’ve had many stones over the past 13 years and don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent on tests and pain medication not to mention lost days and misery.

Thank you!!!”

-Barbara Rooker

“…I was scheduled for a cystiscope the following day, so I figured I had nothing to lose, except the agony I know that follows the procedure.

I drank the remedy at 12:45 pm…I laid down and kept drinking water…It actually wasn’t until about 10:30 pm that it started to move (the stone was on the right side in the ureter, 5mm in size, the opening to the bladder is only 4 mm, thus the problem).

I had a few minutes of slight discomfort, but nothing like what I know it can be. Then the difficulty in urinating passed! I began getting a white mucus that was the stone “melting”. The pain and pressure was gone and about 2:30 am I called the hospital to cancel the procedure!!!

The next day, I continued to drink water and have had NO PAIN SINCE!

I feel great! Thank you!!”

-Dawn Iaderosa, Clifton, New Jersey

“It ends up that I had two kidney stones. I tried the remedy twice and I got rid of the smaller stone that was in my left kidney. However, the bigger one is in my right kidney and it is still there. The urologist said it was a 60% chance it would pass and a 40% they would have to do surgery.

Update: I went back to the Urologist today and he looked at my IVP results. There is no Kidney Stone!!! The stone I had must have dissolved. He was at a loss for words. Your remedy worked very well. It has saved me a lot of money and it has saved me from being off of work. I did the remedy twice and it seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much!!!”

-Bart Richardson, New Jersey

“Hi Joe, The other night I went to outpatient with pain that was unbearable. I had a CT scan and they found 1 stone, 4mm diameter located just above the bladder. The next day I followed your remedy, and, in a couple of hours, the stone passed! I haven’t had any further problems. Your remedy worked great!”

-Robert Engelbrecht

“Hi Joe: Well I have to say buying your remedy to remove kidney stones was probably the best investment I have ever made! 10 hours after following your steps, the stone passed through.

I went to see the doctor 2 days later and the X-ray in fact showed that my system was clear of any kidney stones. I just wish I knew about this remedy before, thanks for having it available!”

-Luis Acevedo, Chattanooga, TN

“I had been in significant pain since Monday requiring a visit to the emergency room and was still in enough pain to require medication on Wednesday morning. I did not know if I would be able to go on a long weekend trip that had been planned for weeks.

At 10:00 am on Wednesday I started drinking your remedy. The rest of the day was spent running to the bathroom and still required some pain medication for the trip out of town to catch a flight Thursday morning.

I arrived at the motel for the evening at about 11:00 pm and went to the restroom. There was a significant number of fiborous looking pieces in the “stream” and I realized the pain was gone. I did not require any more pain medication to sleep all night and I had a wonderful pain free weekend.

The stone I had the last time was a uric acid stone and it took 3 trips to the operating room and about $40,000 to get rid of.

I was amazed that this remedy worked and it passed in about 12 hours. Thanks!!!”

-Brad Sarff

“I followed the remedy exactly as written… Within an hour of finishing it, I stopped experiencing any pain. Although I was unable to find the kidney stone (a few times I did not use a screen) I have previously passed 2 other calcium oxalate stones, but never has one passed with so little pain.

I am amazed that it passed this easily!

Thanks for saving me so much pain and suffering!!!”

-James M. Holt, Groves, Texas

“…A CT scan revealed 2 more stones in my left kidney (the same side all my stones have formed on) and I was supposed to have litroscopy 2 days ago. I decided to research this procedure and its risks, and I inadvertantly came across your method on the internet and thought I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try!

I passed both stones as a gravel sedament, and when I showed up at hospital for another x-ray before my scheduled procedure, they were gone! I was absolutely amazed! (not to mention my skeptical doctor!)

The method is absolutely pain free, and so simple to follow, it’s almost too good to be true! I am in awe of the fact that more people I know have not heard of this method, and I can’t wait to read your report on kidney stone prevention.

With three little ones I have no time or patience for another pesky stone!

Thank you so much!!!”

-Candy Fertig

“Hi Joe, The concept is so deceptively simple, yet so astonishingly powerful. I am impressed.

Your remedy has worked fantastically well for me! For the past 36 hours I have been free of pain. Looks like the calculus is completely gone!”

-Kedar Nadkarni, India

“I followed your instructions and after the second time of taking your remedy, my stone passed. This really worked for me! Thank you!!!!!”

-Doug Powers, Baltimore, Maryland