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Harness these 10 tips to get your ex back fast:

First off, I just want to say that we have all been there before. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I actually lost my ex during our engagement! It is not easy to deal with a break up when you feel alone. Don’t feel that way because there is plenty of support around you.

1. The first tip is simply to stay away from your ex. This is probably the hardest tip to follow. But it is certainly the most important. The reason why this works is because it forces your ex to wonder. Anytime that you can get someone to think about you more they will automatically be attracted to you whether they know it or not!

2, Be open to new relationships. This will also draw more attraction from your ex by providing a bigger challenge for them.

3. Do something you enjoy. Any hobbies that you enjoy may be good for stress relief, meeting new people, and just keeping your mind off of things.

4. Improve yourself. Workout, lose weight, or change your appearance. This will make other people notice, your ex more attracted to you, and it will also improve your self confidence.

5. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs. It is not appealing to others, and during this time it is very easy to get caught up in some really nasty things. Just remember that many people find it very unattractive.

6. Work Hard. Many people have accomplished great things during a break-up. Losing weight, changing their lives. Believe it or not, it is an opportunity for you to do something great. You can start a business, get a promotion, move somewhere, or anything you want. Do not underestimate this freedom because you miss your ex.

7.Buy something you always wanted. It is hard to buy the things you like when you are in a relationship. Now you can buy the things that make you feel good. Just don’t go too crazy.

8. Don’t cause jealousy on purpose. There is a time and place for hardball tactics but it is not recommended in most cases. You can do enough indirectly to make your ex want to come crawling back on your own anyway!

9. After 3-6 weeks contact your ex. Acknowledge any wrong doing and ask for a date. If they do not agree, then do not push them. Be nice and up beat, and if you get rejected, keep your cool. Make sure that you are the one that ends the conversation first.

10. Now, when just getting back with your ex, and this might be the second most important tip in this article, continue to stay away. Not completely, but do not contact your ex everyday. At first only see them once a week. Try to stretch this period out as long as possible. It is not easy but it is essential to make your relationship last.

I hope that you enjoyed the article. You should be able to get your ex back if you follow these 10 tips. It is going to take a lot of work to get there, but it will be worth the results. Keep at it and remember to stay positive.