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Most women see a big difference in their man once the relationship starts to move out of the freshness phase. Women experience that to begin with the men were giving their complete attention and time to the women but now they have started to give priorities to other things in life too. Women need their man to love them dearly. And when they see the priorities are shifting they get a sense of rejection and disappointment. They try to find reasons and get nowhere. This is not the time to step back. Instead you should be looking to put back the lost enthusiasm in your relationship.  How to make him want you bad would be the question in your mind. And to find the answer just think back as to what it was that attracted him to you to begin with.

(1)  Be Fun

Being able to have fun is a very important aspect of any relationship. So when you are considering how to make him want you bad you should think of the reason that made him attracted to you. If something like your sense of humor was what caught his imaginations first then you should analyze if you have let things get too serious in your relationship.

Often we get so serious in our relationship that we forget to have fun. Make plans to spend time exclusively with him and make sure it’s full of fun. Avoid serious talks like planning your future or talking about commitments. Men love to be with women who are fun to be with and who are not always serious.

(2)  Be Confident

Confidence is a big virtue that every man finds incredibly attractive in a woman. If you start giving him impressions that you feel insecure in the presence of another woman or feel threatened by another woman it would only put him off. How do you expect a man to want you so bad if you do not even have a confidence in yourself? If you roll your eyes at him when he looks at another woman or you are always asking for his view on your looks or dress he would start losing interest in you.  Be happy with how you look. Try to make the most of it. Dress up neatly and take a little extra care while grooming your hair or nails and put on good makeup.

It’s very important that you love yourself. Once you do that the men will follow you. Don’t be too easy for him. Don’t drop all your plans just to accommodate him. Let him know you have other plans too. If you focus only on him and do not have anything else in your life you seem to be very uninteresting to him. Let him chase you a little. Men like to do that. When you are not available to him every time he wants you he will start thinking about where you could be. And having a little mystery would help you spice up your relationship.