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I attempt not to be dogmatic when I am giving out my opinions and guidance on dating, so if it comes across that way, I apologize in advance. I see quite a lot of attention gets set on techniques and strategies that guys need to learn so they can attract girls easily and while I get the reason behind that, sometimes I think that it causes men to put their focus on some of the wrong things. For instance, a lot of the time you’ll pass up on the bigger picture, when you get overly focused on attempting to figure out what techniques seem to function the best. That is, to become a more attractive option when you are met by a woman , so that she wants to go out on a date with you.

Then that right only becomes a matter of figuring out some of the details, when you’re able to get it. It’s a lot easier to figure out those details when you are already in a situation where she wants to date you.
So, what are a few of the matters whom I believe you should be focusing on a little more than approaches and techniques?
1) Your social skills.

Don’t take offense to this, I do not mean it that way. If you don’t have the kind of social skills when you are met by a girl that gives you an immediate appeal, you’re already going to be fighting an uphill battle to try and make her like you. On the other hand, when you DO have the sort of social skills that girls are enticed to right away, there is no conflict, there’s no uphill climb.

2) Your points of interest.

By this I mean, what is it about You that makes your more interesting than the next man that comes around? What exactly is it about you that will make her desire to spend time with you and not some other guy? Having things that are intriguing to talk about, intriguing things that you do in your free time, these are all matters that will make you have something unique to offer to a woman and give her a reason to choose you over somebody else.

3) Your self confidence.

Techniques and approaches can come and go. Self confidence when it is powerful is here to stay. It’s one of those truly alpha male qualities that can always make you come across as being a man that is quite appealing, even if you aren’t the wealthiest guy in the room or you don’t have the chiseled physique. It’s also going to help you keep moving on when you get the occasional rejection from a girl.

4) Your ability to lead a woman.

This is another one of those really alpha male qualities that never seems to go out of style. What woman wants to be with a man who needs her to make the decisions for him? That’s kind of like asking her to take on a function that is not at all what she needs to must take on. You have to nurture any leadership abilities that you have and show a girl you may be a real leader.