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Here’s what a handful of other women just like yourself have been saying about the Pregnancy Without Pounds™ program’s power and effectiveness:
” Hi Michelle,
Just wanted to say how excited I was to first find your website… I am a mother of 3 boys and expecting my fourth child so I have done a LOT of reading out there about pregnancy (I am always fascinated by the miracle of each pregnancy and the changes my body goes through), but I have got to tell you how thrilled I am with how practical and honest and helpful your material is!
After my 3rd boy (he was 11lbs at birth) I was about 25lbs overweight. It took me a long time to find a program that I could stick with in order to lose the weight. I am so glad that your books have such great nutritional and exercise information and I am optimistic about taking control of my “hot mommy” body all through this pregnancy and after. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and giving pregnant women hope that there is a great body to be found after baby!”
—Tanya Lemcke
Ontario , Canada
I just want to say thank you…THANK YOU!! I’m a physically fit person to begin with, but was nervous for my health and the health of my child. During the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy I felt tired and fat. I was depressed about the way I looked and the way I felt about myself. Just BLAH all the time. As soon as I began your exercises and stretches, I began to feel better about myself. It’s not even about feeling fat and unattractive anymore. I have more energy, I feel healthy and overall feel better about myself. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 🙂
—Nikki Charriere
Virginia, USA

” ..My sister bought me your book online yesterday and I LOVE it, it is great! I wish I had known about it before because I would’ve bought it for ALL of my friends last year when they were ALL pregnant! I am on Chapter 3 about the exercises, I can’t seem to put the book down. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I really am enjoying the book so far.

—Michelle Côté
Quebec, Canada

“..Michelle, Thank you so much for your e-book. I haven’t been able to put it down. I’m also asking my husband to read it – so he remembers everything just in case I’m doing something that I shouldn’t….he needs to remind me!

—Lisa Choi
California, USA