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Click the download button to get your free PDF here:

 SEOPressor gives you an on-page SEO audit, in your admin panel, so that you get a score – 0-100% – of your SEO. Using very common-knowlege, you-shoulda-known-betta type of SEO, it tells you how well you’re doing.
I was shocked to learn I wasn’t doing too well.
I actually shook my head to read the 54% score – FAILING? I got an “F” in SEO?? Hold on, SEOPressor, you have no idea who I am! I wasn’t born yesterday, man!
Setting my pride aside I took the advice –
Oh, I didn’t tell you that?
Besides giving you an SEO audit, it gives you a plan of attack: “You didn’t use your keywords in any H1 tags…”
Besides that – which is really eye-opening – it also automatically underlines, bolds and italicizes your keywords, and lets you select how the HTML is coded to do that.
Do you prefer “strong” in the brackets or “b”? That sort of thing.
It sounds…well, I tell you what: I was unimpressed with it at first.


I mean, as far as plugins go, SEOPressor is really cheap considering the benefits and ROI – I will be making the investment back in 30 days or less — it should cost a bit more for the results in my rankings, and that’s not an embellishment.