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What you ABSOLUTELY must do before you even get close to his member. (page 5)

The very BEST lubricant for almost all hand jobs. Use the wrong one and his satisfaction will drop precipitously. (page 5)

Which common lubricant can have DISASTROUS results in certain circumstances. Use this and it might ruin your relationship forever. (page 6)

Which 3 positions and locations almost all men have fantasized about. Try these and you will be a part of his fantasies from here on out. (page 8 – 12)

What “change up” will drive him insane with pleasure. (page 10)

Which positions are most likely going to make him come quickly and like a stud horse! (page 10-11)

Three easy ways to “warm him up” that will not only get him rock hard, but will drive his testosterone levels through the roof. (page 12)

Take this item from your closet and do three things with it that will skyrocket his arousal. (page 23)

This “secret spot” is one of the most highly erogenous spots — and he is mostly likely completely unaware of it. Touch this when he is about to come and he’ll shoot for longer and farther than he has in a long, long time. (page 14)

Rub this spot with a lubed finger and you will likely see his eyes roll back into his head! Only 3% of men know what this spot is actually called. (page 16)

Many women do this basic stroke all wrong but he is unlikely to tell you that it is not very comfortable – men don’t like hurting the feelings of someone the are making love to (pages 19)

Stroke his balls with this and he might explode almost immediately. Only do this when you are ready for the big finale! (page 13)

An item in most ladies’ jewelry boxes that can bring him incredible pleasure if used on his genitals. (page 24)

A few “tricks” that you can do with condoms that will have him begging for more. (page 25)

What 80% of women do wrong when a man is ejaculating from a hand job. Do this right and he’ll adore you forever. (page 26)

Six things to say to him that will intensify his orgasm 500% (page 28)