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My Thoughts of Tao of Badass
Well, you know how I like to give you some inside look in the actual program itself. Like I did in the girlfriend activation system review .

The system is based more on how you are as a person rather than only giving you simple lines and routines, although he does give you some word-for-word routines. But the core of it, is based on psychology and how to become a person that daughters are attracted to. His system could be labeled as a “natural” technique, because he actually wants you to develop as a person, before you develop as a chick-magnet, and I must say that I concur .

The Core System of Tao of Badass
Josh Pellicer uses a system known as a value-based approach which consists of four values: six, seven, eight, and nine/ ten. He then explains what these values mean and places number Sneak Peak Inside The Tao of Badass! to a person according to the value that they have. It really is a unique technique, and a great one at that .

He blends elements of alpha-male hypothesi, but adds his own unique spins such as the value-based numbers from above. The tao of badass also doesn’t will vary depending on DHV, or demonstrating higher value, but more of ASSUMING value rather than trying to SHOW value .

The program also shows you how you can get from one value to another. The tao of badass also devotes detailed information on the psychology of females and the best interests of body language and HOW you say something as opposed to what you say .

It really is a complete program and comes with a ton of bonuses as well. He also has a ton of videos on youtube explaining some great techniques to create attraction, along with a members area so you can discuss attraction notions! Be sure to take a look at our relations rewind review if you want tips on relationships !

Pros and Cons of Josh Pellicer’s Tao of Badass
Cons :

A LOT OF INFORMATION. It can cause you info overload and having too many routines might not allow you to start taking action because you don’t know where to start .

Some stuff will take awhile to master. To internalize some of the core principles will definitely take some time, and isn’t something you can master overnight .

Pros :

A LOT OF INFORMATION. Yes, this is both a con and a pro. There is a lot of great info about psychology, NLP, and body language which I actually love !

The Tao of Badass comes with A LOT OF BONUSES and access to a MEMBERS merely area !

An Inside-out approach to attraction. Which means the course is based on becoming an attractive PERSON rather than attracting daughters just solely based on routines .

He has great videos with lots of useful information .

In Conclusion
Honest, this is one of the BEST programs I have read about attraction and getting females. This moves above and beyond just simple routines, but some of this stuff is scientifically proven and sound principles of attraction. I have really enjoyed reading this and some stuff LITERALLY constructed me stop and think for awhile. I PAUSED for a good few minutes to genuinely let the idea sink in because it had such an epiphany impact on me .